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 God is well pleased in saints. They are, indeed true models for people to live the faith. It is a traditional belief that he was born at Lidda in Palestine. Edathua festival of St. George is one of the most famous Christian festivals of South


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About Edathuappli St. Mary’s Church Koilmukku, renamed as St. George Church Koilmukku, now better known as St. George Forane Church Edathua, is one
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Prayer Request
Prayer Request Each of these prayers has caused miracles in the lives of millions.
Thanks Giving
Thanks Giving Its, currently celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November,
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Parish Bullettin Download festival notice St. George Forane Church, Edathua
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Bicentennial Celebration
Bicentennial CelebrationSt. George Forane Church Edathua, thhe renowned pilgrim centre which has been fostering since the beginning of the 19th century,
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